District Officers

Board of Commissioners

Chairman, John Liptak Sr.: 


Nelson Bink: 


David Peck:


John Krappman:


Scott Brackett:


Each fire commissioner must be a resident of the Wilton Fire District and is elected to serve a five year term. By law, Fire District elections are conducted on the second Tuesday of December. By law, each fire commissioner must complete a state approved training course within 270 days of taking office.

Chief Officers

Chief, William F. Morgan: wmorgan2@wiltonfiredept.org

1st Asst. Chief, Stephen Penman: spenman@wiltonfiredept.org

2nd Asst. Chief, Todd Murray: tmurray@wiltonfiredept.org

Three additional Fire District Officers assist the Board of Fire Commissioners in accomplishing the mission of the Fire District on an operational level.

The Chief of Department is responsible for overall administration of the Fire Officers and operational fire protection and suppression activities. There are two Assistant Chiefs who focus on equipment and training issues.

The Chief Officers are nominated by the members of the Wilton Fire Department annually, and approved by the Board of Fire Commissioners.

The Fire District’s Chief Officers are assisted in their responsibilities by 2 Captains and 3 Lieutenants, who are all Fire Department Officers.

 1st Captain: Scott Brackett

2nd Captain: Josh Petrie

1st Lieutenant: Kevin Meltzer

2nd Lieutenant: Evan Cunningham

3rd Lieutenant: Stephanie Bydairk

2 Responses to “District Officers”

  1. William McCauliffe January 25, 2012 at 15:39 #

    I was a member of Jonesville Fire Department back in 1980s and it is nice to see a Department that lets us leave a note on. Who are the Offices for 2012 it would be nice to know that so we can say nice job to them.

    • Wilton FF76 February 10, 2012 at 16:52 #


      Thank you for the suggestion. We listed our line officers immediately following the elections. Over time the post moves off of the page. We will discuss creating a static page to list the positions. If you type election into the search field on the top of our page it will load the information you are seeking.
      Thank you for visiting our site and have a great weekend.

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