Hall Rental


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  • Hall rental = $25.00** per hour with a 2 hour minimum. / Non Resident Rate = $50.00
  • Kitchen = $75.00** (if required) / Non Resident Rate = $150.00
  • Non-Refundable $25 Fee for all rentals

 A security deposit of $150.00 is refundable after inspection of rental areas. 

Renters must present proof of personal injury coverage in excess of $200,000.  

Facilities are not available to rent for profit generating functions.

Alcoholic Beverages are not permitted on the premises.

All rental requests must be approved by the department at a regular monthly meeting.

Monthly Meetings are held on the 1st Monday of the Month.

A member of the department must volunteer to sponsor the function for the request to be granted.

Click here to download the rental agreement.

For a prompt response email the President at: President@wiltonfiredept.org 

If you don’t have access to email please leave a message on the Presidents cell phone518-451-6648 and they will return your call at their earliest convenience.

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