New Fire Truck – $500,000

New Air Pack – $4,000

New Gear – $2,500

New Members – PRICELESS!!

The Wilton Fire Department is a 100% volunteer organization. The members are dedicated, highly trained, unpaid professionals. Your friends, neighbors and community members have dedicated their time for the protection of others.   If you’d like to become a member you’ll receive Free Training and be eligible for our Retirement Plan.   Learn more about us:  Prospective Member Guide

3 Responses to “Recruitment”

  1. Bill at 15:23 #

    When will you have your blood drive in March?

    Anything else of interest.

    • wilton111 at 08:15 #

      I’m not sure if or when the next blood drive is. The Red Cross usually contacts the Dept. to setup a time and date.

    • sbydairk at 17:03 #

      Blood Drive March 7th

      Chicken Parmesan Dinner and Line Dance to follow March 22nd

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